Rockford Heat Fans,

Due to the recent announcements and projected announcements pending. We will be rolling out high school teams that will start practice in about a week and play in December and into January(as long as it does not conflict with IHSA). At this time if you are interested, please RSVP at

Our objective is to practice once a week and play in two tourneys, cost is $200.

We will field the following high school teams:

Rockford Heat 17U(All Seniors) Coach O’Bryan
Rockford Heat Elite 17U(Under Armour-no seniors) Coach Penney
Rockford Heat 16U Coach Bobby Marshall
Rockford Heat Heat Sophomores(Under Armour) Coach Proper
Rockford Heat 15U Coach TBD
Rockford Heat Freshman(Under Armour) Coach Bankes
Rockford Heat Freshman Coach TBD

I will be figuring out the remainder of coaches asap.

I need to know who is interested. As you can see with the different teams, we will be restructuring some of our teams and the new teams may not reflect what the teams may look like after spring tryouts

As we have seen, everything could change next month and we will continue to figure this out together. For now, let’s get them back on the court and bring a little joy to everyone.

Contact ASAP for more info!