🚨🚨Triple-Double Alert 🚨🚨

Shout out to Heat Elite Super Sophomore Whitney Sullivan, Orangeville High School for netting her first career triple-double with 12pts, 10 rebounds, 10 blocks against Durand the other night. Whitney is a 6’3” versatile player that does it all. Whitney will shoot the 3 ball, play PG, grab rebounds, get assists, attack the rim, and do it all with a smile 😊. Whitney has shown she is a top player in the state and is helping her team make history for Orangeville girls who are now 17-3. they haven’t won 17 games since the 80s.

Great job to Whit and the entire team, enjoy the process!

College coaches looking for a 6’3” versatile player should get in contact asap!

Rockford Heat Spring and Summer tryouts will be posted soon.
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